What your Home Insurance Company doesn’t want you to know

When calling in a claim for damage to your roof and or exterior to your home. There are some important factors that you should know about as a home owner. We see several claims every month that get denied because the home owner was not properly informed about the process their particular insurance takes.

Qualified Roof Damage

In many cases, you will get “Door Knocking” roof and exterior companies, claiming that they can get your roof covered by your insurance. And it is possible if the roof qualifies for replacement. There are many factors that we take into consideration in the qualifying process. Age of roof, brittleness, asphalt loss, are just a few things that we check as we start our process.

Insurance claim call in

Be aware that if the homeowner calls are a claim, the insurance company will ask a series of questions that the homeowner may or may not have clear answers for the insurance phone representative. How these questions are answered will determine how the claim will be opened. This plays an important part of the next step in getting an adjuster out to your property.

Adjuster Meeting

There is a high chance that the damage in question can be overlooked or be observed and reported as reparable damage, age, or non-storm related. Having a contractor represent you on your roof can make the difference of #roofrecovery or a denied claim. Keep in mind that the average roof cost in the treasure valley is $11,000. If the damage on your roof is deemed by your insurance company as irreparable damage. They will cover your home with a new roof and will begin the payment on the claim. Many times, the contractor will not charge to guide you through the process as long as if they get the claim approved, they would receive the work order.

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