Chandler Webb the Owner of Boise Exteriors, will personally come to the inspection, and help design the best roof to suit both the needs of your home, and your personal budget.

As the owner of the company, Chandler personally supervises every detail of the process. Starting from the beginning, He acts as the point of contact for each client. He only accepts 2-3 projects per week and maintains full focus on making sure the process goes perfectly for each project.

Chandler personally designs, and manages the installation. He is at EVERY installation and does an inspection of the roof during install, and after completion.

He has always lived by one main theme, "When he provides good services, and products, he will find prosperity, and success in his work". This being said, if he makes a mistake, or has an issue that comes up during the project, He is willing to take FULL responsibly for any mistake that he could have reasonably prevented, or warned you about. This is why you see the 5-star reviews on his website. He will do what is right. He promises to provide a professional service, and will honor that promise no matter the cost.

As a GAF- Certified and trained roofing company, we can provide a High Efficiency Roofing System. This is not your standard roof, it is designed and made to work well for each individual home. This system can easily save you money and prevent future issues all at the same time.