Boise Exteriors offers metal roofing installation in Boise, Nampa and Meridian, ID. This material is perfect for those who want durability but don't want to compromise on style. Since this material resists the natural elements, it increases safety and protects your investment.

All of our metal roofing materials are manufactured locally by R&M Steel Company of Caldwell, and we're able to customize parts to create exactly the type of roofing system which will perform the best for your structure.

Call now to schedule your appointment. We offer free estimates on metal roofs in Nampa, Meridian and Boise, ID.

Discover the benefits of metal roofing

Discover the benefits of metal roofing

Metal roofing offers several benefits such as:

  • Extended longevity
  • Increased safety
  • Energy-efficiency
  • Ultimate sustainability

Metal roofs are known to last 60-80 years with suggested maintenance, including the tightening or replacement of screws periodically (every 10-20 years).

The return on investment from a metal roofing system can be incredible compared to an architectural shingle roof due to their long lifespan. If you're in Meridian, Boise or Nampa, ID and need metal roofing, call now to schedule your consultation. We'll answer any questions you may have regarding this durable material.