Discovering significant damage to your roof can be a stressful time for most homeowners. Having to navigate the insurance claim process can require lots of follow-ups with insurance adjusters.

Contact your insurance company and find out what your policy covers

Always have a current policy of your homeowner's insurance handy to review to see what statute of limitations may be in place for reporting damage and what types of roof damage are and are not covered. Keep in mind that some homeowner's policies have additional guidance detailing the amount of damage that will be covered. For example, if your roof is more than ten years old, your insurance company may only cover a portion of the roof replacement cost, based on the depreciated value of your roof.

Choose a roofing contractor with insurance expertise

Assuming your roof insurance claim is covered under your existing homeowner's policy, you will be given funds to repair the damage. You can choose the roofing contractor to complete repairs or replace your entire roof. When selecting a reputable contractor, be sure to ask for references and only use licensed and insured roofing professionals. It is okay to shop around and get multiple estimates to replace your roof. This way you can be sure you're not being overcharged, and you'll have more information at your disposal to choose a qualified roofing contractor that you feel will complete the job. Not every roofing contractor will provide insurance claim assistance while others may have insurance adjusters on staff to help you with every detail of your roof damage claim. At Boise Exteriors, we are roof replacement specialists who will work with you to make sure your claim is submitted promptly, and you can get the maximum reimbursement for your roof replacement.