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Roofing Inspections You Can Count On

Boise Exteriors meets with all homeowners in person to discuss the objective of the inspection and our process of a roof inspection. Sometimes it’s the visual damage that can be seen from the street level, missing shingles, tabs, leaking, aged, old wood shakes, the list can go on. Regardless of why you need a roof inspection. Boise Exteriors conducts all their inspections to a national and local code as well as general common practices in the area.

Our team has an especially high level of knowledge of code in the Nampa, Meridian & Boise, ID areas. Measurements and a sketch of the roof is done by our Project manager and is always emailed to the homeowner after every inspection. We take the time to review all Decking, Underlayment, and shingle brittleness, ventilation on all inspections. It all goes into consideration when inspecting a roof for the first time.

Boise Exteriors believes that providing education of products, materials and solutions to every homeowner, will increase the the peace of mind that all homeowners deserves. “Roofing Done Right”…

Boise Exteriors can inspect your roof to see if it meets city and state codes. We’ll also identify any damaged areas and recommend cost-effective roof repair solutions. Our roofing contractors can also repair your roof at your request. No matter if you’re dealing with:

Storm damage
Or missing shingles…

…you can count on us to install a sturdy roof on your home.
Contact us ASAP to schedule a roofing inspection for your Nampa, Meridian, or Boise, Idaho home.